10 Bacopa Supplement Benefits You Should Know About

by Jenna Crawford December 13, 2017

10 Bacopa Supplement Benefits You Should Know About

Bacopa monnieri, commonly known as water hyssop, is an herb often used in Ayurveda. Supplementing Bacopa monnieri has been shown to improve cognition, through reducing anxiety. It is also reliable for enhancing memory formation. Though effects of this nature are usually studied in the elderly, Bacopa monnieri appears to affect young people as well, making it a useful nootropic.

Since Bacopa monnieri is also an adaptogen, a relaxed person might experience a lack of motivation to work after supplementation. Theoretically, pairing Bacopa monnieri with a stimulant would ward off malaise, but this combination has not been tested.

Bacopa monnieri interacts with the dopamine and serotonergic systems, but its primary mechanism concerns promoting neuron communication. It does this by enhancing the rate at which the nervous system can communicate by increasing the growth of nerve endings, also called dendrites. Bacopa monnieri is also an antioxidant.

The Bacopa monnieri is an herb that the body can benefit a lot from. Here are 10 bacopa supplement benefits you should know about.

1. Improving Memory

Research shows that taking specific Bacopa extracts improves some measure of memory in otherwise healthy older adults. Also, taking Bacopa extract seems to improve some measures of memory and hand-eye coordination in children aged 6-8 years.

2. Supports The Brain

As people age, it’s common for age-related brain degradation to happen. The active compounds in Brahmi, known as bacosides, are beginning to be evaluated for their effects on the brain and human health. Some research has shown the compounds in Brahmi to positively influence brain cells that prompt the regeneration of brain tissue. In one animal study, long-term supplementation with bacosides showed therapeutic value against the rapid degeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Hopefully, more will continue to explore its potential benefits for brain health.

3. For Fair Skin

The presence of antioxidants in the Ayurvedic herb help to dispel toxins from the body, especially from the epithelium layer thus improves skin complexion and stimulates skin cell regeneration. It is also good for inner skin that lines the digestive tract, which supports the functions of healthy microbes. Brahmi is used in treating psoriasis, eczema, abscess, and ulceration.

4. An Anti-Inflammatory

In test tubes, alcoholic extracts of Bacopa are useful in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Bacopa (Betulinic acid) suppressed lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced IL-6 production in blood mononuclear cells both in the lab and within organisms.

5. Reduces Stress/Anxiety

Bacopa reduces cortisol and stress in healthy humans. Bacopa reduced retrograde amnesia produced by immobilization-induced stress in healthy humans. Bacopa is a component of “Perment,” a herbal formulation which is used for stress and depression in humans. Bacopa is an effective anti-stress agent against acute and chronic stress in rats.

Bacopa extracts can be used as a potential therapeutic agent in treating the mixed anxiety-depressive disorder (MAD) in mice. Bacopa normalized stress-induced alteration in blood corticosterone and levels of monoamines like noradrenaline (NA), Serotonin (5-HT) and Dopamine in rat brains. Bacopa showed antidepressant activity when tested on forced swimming and tail suspension in mice.

6. For Epilepsy Treatment

Bacopa has been used since long times as neurological tonic and cognitive improvement. It is used in the curing of the neurological problem (epilepsy) when taken along with Vacha. The chemicals bacosides A and B improves neurotransmission among brain cells. They help to repair damage neuron too. Its chemical properties mitigates neuro-degeneration

7. Promotes Liver Health

The brain is not the only organ that benefits from Brahmi’s health-promoting compounds. The liver is the body’s central detoxifying organ, and studies suggest Brahmi may be useful for encouraging liver function following toxin damage. With the daily onslaught of toxins in our environment and food, it’s no wonder so many seek safe, natural compounds that support proper liver function.

8. May Help Neurodegenerative Conditions

Bacopa is said to be a promising anti-Huntington neuroprotective agent. Bacopa is a potential anti-Parkinsonian agent (reduces alpha-synuclein aggregation, prevents dopaminergic neurodegeneration and restores the lipid content in nematodes). Bacopa can protect cells by modulating cellular redox pathways which are altered in Parkinsons Disease. Alcoholic extract of Bacopa might be helpful in reducing 6-OHDA (6-HydroxyDopamine) induced lesioning in Parkinsonian rat models.

Bacopa is a potential cognitive enhancer and neuroprotectant against Alzheimer’s disease animal model. Bacopa extract reduces beta-amyloid deposits in the brain of an Alzheimer’s disease animal model.

9. Fights Systemic Redness And Swelling

Any illness or irritation can cause redness and swell in the body. No location is more dangerous than the brain. Brahmi may be helpful in fighting this. Research supports its use for managing systemic redness in the brain caused by the body’s autoimmune response. Much of the study is ongoing; however, the emerging data offers hope for new therapies in the treatment of chronic discomfort and redness.

10. Encourages Normal Blood Pressure

Brahmi has been shown to increase the utilization of nitric oxide in the body and also appears to promote vascular muscle function, two benefits that positively influence normal blood pressure. While promoting normal blood pressure is not one of Brahmi’s most well-known uses, the herb may still provide a valuable, natural approach to those seeking this benefit.


Bacopa is an underrated natural health supplement that has plenty of beneficial effects on the body. With further studies, Bacopa supplements will soon be a new addition to hundreds of natural supplements that everyone can benefit. In this post, I shared with you 10 Bacopa supplement benefits you should know about.

Jenna Crawford


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