10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

by Jenna Crawford April 05, 2017

10 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many uses than just the ones you may have heard of in the kitchen. There is more that meets the eye for this acetic acid. Apple Cider Vinegar or commonly known as ACV has healing properties that are composed of acetic acid, magnesium, potassium, enzymes and probiotics. These compounds found in ACV can help cure illnesses such as acid reflux, improves diabetes, lower the blood sugar level and can aid weight loss. 


Here are the 10 benefits of apple cider vinegar: 


1. Helps With Stomach Problems

ACV has an antibiotic property that can kill bacteria inside the tummy that causes upset stomachs or diarrhea. ACV also contains pectin that helps to soothe and calm intestinal spasm. ACV can be added to clear juice or diluted with water before you drink it. Taking pure ACV shots is not recommended as it is still considered an acid and can cause burning sensation in the throat.


2. Aids Weight Loss

One of the reasons why ACV became so popular is because of its effects on weight loss. ACV can help you to lose quite a bit of excess weight. The acetic acid present in ACV acts as an appetite suppressant, it improves metabolism and helps to reduce water retention in the body. It helps to break down the starch we take in that results in lower calories that  enter the blood stream, thus, helping us to lose some weight.


3. Helps Ridding Dandruff 

Apple Cider Vinegar has the ability to balance the pH of the body and of the scalp. When ACV is applied on the scalp, it prevents the yeast to grow that causes us to have dandruff. Mixing equal amounts of ACV with water and spritzing it on the scalp for at least twice a week can get rid of dandruff in no time.


4. Acts As A Natural Hair Conditioner 

Other than getting rid of dandruff, application of ACV to the hair can make your hair shine. ACV acts as a natural hair conditioner that can improve the shine of your hair. Diluting a tablespoon of ACV to a cup of water and applying it on the hair after shampoo at least three times a week can help you to attain the shine you want for your hair.


5. Helps Clear Acne

The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar can also help to clear up acne. It acts as a natural toner that can eventually get rid of acne. The malic acid and lactic acid found in ACV can help to soften and exfoliate the skin, balance the skin’s pH and reduce the red spots that are early signs of aging.


6. Helps Boost Energy 

When lactic acid is built up in the body, it can cause fatigue. This is sometimes caused by exercises or extreme stress, but ACV can be an antidote for fatigue. ACV contains amino acids that can relieve fatigue. It also contains potassium, and enzymes that help relieve the tired feeling and boosting your energy.


7. Helps Ridding Bad Breath 

Sometimes brushing is not enough to clean the mouth and sometimes, mouthwash can’t even do the trick with bad breath. ACV’s antibacterial property can help to control the bad breath and kill the odor-causing bacteria, leaving your mouth clean and odor free.


8. Helps Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Apple cider vinegar is an acetic acid and acid has an antiglycemic effect in the body. It helps to break down the starch or carbohydrates that we take in. When carbohydrates are properly burned, there is less chance of storing it as sugar that can increase insulin and eventually increase the blood sugar level.


9. Can Treat Heartburn & Acid Reflux 

Acid reflux and heartburn is often caused by the imbalance of pH in the body and the lack of enzymes and probiotics. ACV can help to balance the pH and is also rich in enzymes and probiotics that can help prevent acid reflux and heartburn.


10. Helps Fight Seasonal Allergies 

Another amazing benefit of ACV is its ability to fight allergies. It helps to break the mucous down in the body that can block lymphatic drainage causing us to have allergies. It also helps to clear sinuses and boost the immune system.



In Conclusion 


Apple cider vinegar has plenty more than just these benefits that were mentioned. Not only is apple cider vinegar extremely beneficial for humans, but pets can also capitalize from it. In this post, we shared 10 benefits of apple cider vinegar. 

Jenna Crawford


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