10 Benefits of Milk Thistle Capsules

by Jenna Crawford May 04, 2017

10 Benefits of Milk Thistle Capsules

Milk thistle is a natural herb that has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are commonly used for detoxifying the body, especially the liver. Milk thistle is an ordinary plant that is grown for its numerous benefits. It is a weed that grows mostly in California, but it can also be grown in any part of the world that has a warm climate. It is often turned into an extract or a supplement.


Milk thistle (known as Silybum marianum) is a purple flower with many benefits. At first glance, you wouldn’t want to pick this plant because it looks strange and it features large thorns. It has great health benefits and  it can be used for numerous purposes.


Here are 10 benefits of milk thistle capsules:


1.    Liver Detoxification

Milk thistle is an herb that can be used for cooking or as a supplement. It is ideally used for detoxification. It can assist the liver to detoxify the chemicals that come from the environment and the food that we eat. Adding milk thistle to your diet can help your liver to detoxify while maintain ing optimum health.


2.    Helps Protect Against Cancer

The seeds of the milk thistle are the highest source of antioxidant flavonoid called sylimarin. The antioxidant is associated in decreasing the risk of cancer development. It helps to boost the immune system and fight DNA damage and reverse cancerous tumor growth. The antioxidant stimulates protein synthesis and changes the outside layer of healthy cells and keeps them protected against damage and mutation. It also inhibits toxins from dwelling in the body. Not only that, but it also helps with cell renewal and counteracts the harmful effects of pollutants, chemicals and other heavy metals. 


3.    Helps Treat Diabetes

Milk thistle can help treat diabetes. It helps the liver to utilize insulin properly and regulate the amount that stays in the body. It means, diabetes can be controlled, but unfortunately, not cured. Sylimarin that is found in milk thistle helps control symptoms of diabetes by helping in wglycemic control. It also helps in decreasing the blood sugarlevels in insulin resistant patients.


4.    Helps Prevent Gallstones

The liver and other digestive organs – such as the gallbladder, pancreas, intestines and kidneys work closely together to improve liver health. In which, milk thistle helps prevent gallstones and kidney stones. Milk thistle also benefits the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems. It aids in the production of bile and enzymes and contributing to clean the blood. It also helps purify the body of metabolic waste and regulates the function of the gallbladder in addition to the kidney and the spleen.


5.    Helps Boost The Skin Health

Milk thistle is considered as a potent inhibitor of UV-induced oxidative stress that can cause skin diseases like skin cancer. Application of silymarin to the skin can reduce skin damage caused by radiation treatment in patients who undergo treatments for cancer.


6.    Helps Lower High Cholesterol

Milk thistle is proven to be a potent anti-inflammatory that stops inflammation that causes heart disease. It benefits the healthy heart and helps lower high cholesterol level. It lowers the inflammation, cleanses the blood and prevents oxidative stress damage within the arteries. 


7.    Has Anti-Aging Effects

Milk thistle benefit in preventing free radical damage throughout the body. It helps remove the pollutants and waste from the blood and digestive tract. It also slows the aging process on the surface of the skin and the organs. Consuming milk thistle prevents skin cancer and skin damage, such as dark spots, wrinkles, lines and discoloration. It is the same antioxidant present in milk thistle is useful in maintaining the health of your eyes, joints, and muscles.


8.    Improves The Immune System

The immune system of the body is responsible for tackling the infections and foreign bodies in the blood that invades the body. Milk thistle can be helpful for this. Milk thistle helps boost the immune system and helps regulate allergy.


9.    An Anti-Inflammatory

Milk thistle is also a powerful antioxidant that can help stop inflammation in the joints and muscles. It helps stimulate cells to regenerate and repair. This is also the same effect on liver and other hepatic cells.


10.    Helps Reduce Obesity

One of the many unrecognized benefits of milk thistle is in fat reduction. Enhancing the liver function can help lose weight and boost the metabolism and purifies the blood. When the liver is functioning properly, fat can be metabolized quicker. Using it can help lose weight among women.



Milk thistle is a humble weed with many benefits. In this post, we shared with you 10 benefits of milk thistle capsules.

Jenna Crawford


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