10 Healthy Foods of Love To Unlock Powerful Intimacy

by Jenna Crawford November 14, 2017

10 Healthy Foods of Love To Unlock Powerful Intimacy

For many people, two things dominate the mind, so it’s no wonder they go hand in hand. Food and sex are closely linked - romantic meals, sweet treats. In fact, we’ve been firm believers in aphrodisiacs for about as long as we’ve been preparing food. But is there any truth in the libido-boosting claims, or are all the theories as limp as a lettuce leaf?

Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and it would appear that a lot of our common aphrodisiacs and associations of love stem from that time. Aphrodite herself was often imagined the emerging from a clamshell, and still today seafood and oysters are recognized as aphrodisiacs.

Many couples would want their relationships to be more intimate, here are 10 healthy foods of love to unlock powerful intimacy:

1. Chocolate

In itself, chocolate is a sensuous food, plus it contains the chemicals anandamide and phenylethylamine, which boost serotonin levels - the feel-good hormone. However, there is debate over how much of the chemicals our brain absorbs to make up the difference that could be a passion-killer. However, a strawberry or two dipped in dark chocolate couldn’t hurt.

2. Oysters

Oysters have long been suspected as a love drug. Cleopatra and Casanova had one thing in common, and they loved oysters. Legend has it that Casanova ate dozens of oysters per day. The Venetian romancer reportedly once seduced a vestal virgin by seductively sliding an oyster from his mouth to hers. In fact, current research proves the suspicion. Oysters improve dopamine levels which boosts libido in men and women. Oysters are also high in zinc which is vital for testosterone production and healthy sperm.

3. Chili Peppers

This invigorating spice has an exotic reputation and a bright red color, which could be why it's considered a natural aphrodisiac and a symbol of love. But there's scientific backing, too. Chili peppers stimulate endorphins (the brains feel good chemicals), speed up heart rate and make you sweat, which all mimic how you feel when you're aroused.

4. Watermelon

Some experts have called watermelon the new Viagra. A research stated that eating watermelon delivers Viagra-like effects on blood vessels throughout the body and may increase libido.  This cool refreshing fruit contains citrulline amino acid. Citruline is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase sex drive. 

5. Avocados

Avocados are superfruits that are rich in antioxidant properties like vitamin E, potassium, and vitamin B. They’re an amazing source of heart-healthy monosaturated fats that may prevent heart disease and promote better blood flow—and makes your stomach flatter!

Anything that helps your heart and circulation can also be critical for a healthy sex life. Also, the vitamin E that is so good for your skin also helps your body churn out hormones likes testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, which circulate in your bloodstream and stimulate sexual responses.

6. Maca

This sweet root vegetable has been nicknamed Peruvian Viagra, and animal studies have indicated some aphrodisiac qualities, although this hasn’t been extensively tested on humans. It is also thought to increase stamina and heighten awareness.

7. Asparagus

Known for its suggestive shape, asparagus is high in a B vitamin known as folate that aids in increasing the production of histamine. Histamine is important for a healthy sex drive in men and women.

8. Bananas

Phallic allusions notwithstanding, bananas have a lot to offer when it comes to boosting sex drive. These fruits deliver a punch of potassium, a nutrient key to muscle strength (which might make orgasms extra-intense.) They’re also packed with nutrients like potassium and vitamin B, which are essential to sexual hormone production.

9. Rocket

The Romans discovered the aphrodisiac qualities of the rocket, and it was used in love potions. It is a great digestive aid and packed with nutrients, which might leave you feeling great, but it is yet to be proved that it will give you gladiatorial qualities in the bedroom.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is considered to be one of the most effective natural aphrodisiacs. It heats the body, increasing appetite, both physical and sexual. Cinnamon oil has also been shown to improve cognitive function so that you can stay more focused on and attentive to your loved one.


Intimacy in a relationship is essential. With the help of healthy foods, intimacy can be achieved. In this post, I shared with you 10 healthy foods of love to unlock powerful intimacy.

Jenna Crawford


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