10 High Protein Foods That Are Ideal For People Who Want To Build Muscle

by Jenna Crawford May 23, 2017

10 High Protein Foods That Are Ideal For People Who Want To Build Muscle

Building muscles are a very popular choice amongst men and women nowadays. Exercises and gym routines can help develop muscles, but a person will need to consume high-protein foods for their muscles to get developed. Protein is the essential nutrient that the body needs to build the muscles for the body to become fit. Protein can be attained from eating foods that are rich in protein, such as meats, dairy products and some types of seafoods.


People try to build muscle through rigorous exercises and routines in the gym, and they often forget that the key is having good nutrition. Tough and regular training will result in nothing if it is not paired with proper nutrition, especially if building muscles is the target. Protein is the essential nutrient that helps in optimal muscle growth. The amino acids that make up the protein are vital in building, repairing and maintaining the muscle tissue.


Here are 10 high protein foods that are ideal for people who want to build muscle:


1.    Chicken Breast

Chicken breast tops the list because it is the most common source of protein that is easily accessible and often found in the kitchen. It contains 30g of protein or 60% of the daily value in every 100g serving. This is the favorite food of choice of many body builders and as well as those who wants to add lean muscle to their physique. Compared to other parts of the chicken, the breast is lean, contains high-quality protein and is less in fat. These characteristics are what people want to take advantage of when they consume chicken breast.


2.    Pork Chop

The pork chop is another excellent source of high-quality protein. With the same serving sizes as chicken, it contains 27g protein or 54% of the daily value that the body needs. People would often avoid pork meat and prefer chicken or beef, but the lean cuts of pork offer plenty of protein without a lot of fats. Just as beef or chicken, choosing the best pork in the market and being selective of the meat, you can always consume pork chop as a regular source of protein.


3.    Ground Beef

Another meat that contains high-quality protein is ground beef. The ground beef contains 26g of protein or 52% of the daily value that our body needs. Ground beef is a very versatile food that is also quickly prepared. Other than being a high-quality protein source, it is also an excellent source of iron, B vitamins, but it is also high in cholesterol. It is best to choose lean beef and not consume it daily to avoid an increase in cholesterol level.


4.    Lamb Loin

The lamb meat can provide 25g or 50% of the daily value of protein that the body needs. Aside from being a good source of high-quality protein, lamb loin can also be an excellent source of iron. It helps a person to avoid iron deficiency. Though lamb is not the most popular meat in America, it ranks higher popularity in countries like France, Australia or Britain.


5.    Salmon

The salmon is one of the healthiest food that a person should regularly consume. It contains a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as considerable amount of protein and it provides 48% of the daily value needed by the body. The salmon benefits both the heart and the brain and also the muscles.


6.    Black Beans

It is not only meat that contains protein, but black beans as well. Other beans also contain protein, and black beans have 22g of protein or 44% of the daily value that the body needs. They are also an excellent source of soluble fiber that can help give a feeling of satiety and balance the blood sugar level of the body.


7.    Almonds

The almond and some nuts can provide a good amount of protein. It contains 21g or 42% of the daily value. They can also make a person feel satisfied because it contains protein, fiber and healthy fats that can give the feeling of satiety. Almonds are high in fat, so it is recommended to consume a handful every day to avoid gaining weight.


8.    Eggs

Eggs are the best way to boost a person’s protein. It is quickly prepared, cooked and can be eaten by themselves or added to other dishes. No matter how you prepare or eat the eggs, it provides a variety of vitamins and minerals needed by the body and builds muscle.


9.    Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese contains an amount of protein that diet experts always recommend cottage cheese for those who do strength training. Starting the day with half a cup of cottage cheese can give a good amount of protein that the body needs throughout the day. It also contains calcium and vitamin B12, so a person is getting multiple benefits other than protein.


10.    Oysters

The oysters may be known as an aphrodisiac, but it is a good source of protein. It is also packed with vitamin B12 that can provide plenty of energy. It can help boost cholesterol level and can help protect the body from certain cancers.



Having a proper nutrition and discipline to become fit are keys to building muscles. In this post, we shared with you 10 high protein foods that are ideal for people who want to build muscle.

Jenna Crawford


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