10 Sleep Hacks To Help You Get A More Peaceful & Complete Sleep

by Jenna Crawford April 08, 2017

10 Sleep Hacks To Help You Get A More Peaceful & Complete Sleep

Do you find it difficult to sleep? Your eyes are fluttering and your body is looking for the comfort of bed, but you still can’t sleep? You aren’t alone. According to a survey, around 40% of the Americans’ average sleep is less than seven hours in a day, and an average person needs to have at least 8 hours of complete sleep to feel recharged again.


Having incomplete sleep causes the brain to weaken and it can even cause you to experience brain fog. There are other effects from lack of sleep that can be damaging to our health. It raises the risks of hypertension, depression, cold, flu, weight gain, heart attack, diabetes and stroke. Most of the time, the reason why we lack sleep is because of bad habits and the lack of a proper routine. But fear not, these bad habits are easy to correct and you will just need a little determination and discipline.


Here are 10 sleep hacks that will help you to get a more peaceful and complete sleep:


1. Exercise

We know that exercise is important to having a healthy and fit body, but it is also a helpful sleep hack. It is better if you do a little aerobic exercise, run the treadmill or hit the gym jut a few hours before bedtime. When we exercise, our body becomes hot and sweaty after all the activity that we do, and when we hit the gym, our muscles feel sore. We just have to relax a little bit, cool down, take a warm shower to relax our muscles before hitting the hay. You will surely be able to achieve a better night of sleep. 


2. Make it a Habit

Well, this one can be a little tricky, especially for those who are considered as night owls. Nonetheless, if you make it a habit of sleeping on a specific time and waking up at a specific time, it can help to give you a peaceful and deep sleep. For example, on weekdays when you have to go to work, you sleep from 10 pm to 6am, and on weekends you shift your time from 2am to 10am, which causes the internal body clock to get disturbed. When Monday comes around, our body needs to adjust to another time shift. It is better to have a habit of waking up the same time every day.


3. Avoid Bright Screens Right Before Sleeping

When we are always exposed to bright lights or blue lights, the melatonin production is suppressed. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep, and when production is suppressed it causes us not to feel as sleepy. Sadly, television, computer and smartphones are sources of blue light that suppress melatonin production. We need to avoid them before sleep to experience a good night’s sleep.


4. Make Your Room a Haven For Sleep

I know a lot of people are guilty of making their bedroom an extension of their office. A lot of us do that. We bring extra work at home and do it in the bedroom, thinking that the additional work can tire us out and help us sleep. Wrong! It doesn’t help, instead it keeps us awake even longer. Separate your bedroom from work. The bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible for you to sleep soundly. 


5. Keep Your Room Cool

Who wants to sleep feeling hot and sweaty? No one! We always want to sleep in a cool room. Heat can delay sleep that can lead to sleep fragmentation and we wake up often because we feel uncomfortable. Set your room’s AC to a cooler temperature, one that you are comfortable with and still feel cool even when you are under the blanket. 


6. Let Go Of All Your Stress Before Sleeping 

We experience deep sleep when we have nothing to think about. It is best to leave your work problems at the office and enjoy your night at home with your family. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you can do yoga before hitting the bed. This can help you release the negative energy while also reducing stress. If you want to experience silence from the mental noise, you can do meditation. Meditation helps to give you awareness of your thoughts and emotions in a positive way and this can help you get a sound sleep.


7. Turn On Some Music 

There are people who can’t sleep when they hear something, like music. There are also people who can sleep better and faster with some music on. Depending on your preferences, you can listen to music while you are preparing to sleep. Music can have a tranquilizing effect on people allowing you to get a better night of sleep. 


8. Soak In The Tub 

At night, before you sleep, you can have a nice warm soak in your bathtub, while adding some relaxing music to relax the body and mind. Warm baths can manipulate the body temperature that will prepare your body to sleep. When you take warm baths before going to sleep, the body’s core temperature rises and falls once you exit the bath tub. This will help you to feel drowsy and eventually achieving a deeper sleep. 


9. Read a Book

Good old-fashioned reading can help you visit the dreamland. Reading a book can be relaxing and it frees your mind from the day to day stresses. In this case though, ebooks don’t count. Paperback readers are proven to fall asleep earlier than those who read using a digital download. Whatever genre you want to read about, be sure that your book is a page turner, literally.


10. Sniff Some Essential Oil

There are lots of scents you can choose from to relax your body during the day. Scents such as jasmine, lavender, roses and many others can provide much needed relaxation before bed. Whatever you prefer, sniffing on essential oils before sleeping can relax the nerve and allow you to easily drift to dreamland. It is also found that those who sniff essential oil before sleep, wake up far more energetic the following morning.


In Conclusion 


In this post, we shared 10 sleep hacks to help you get a more peaceful & complete sleep. What are some things that help you get a better night of sleep?

Jenna Crawford


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