3 Common Mistakes People Make When Beginning To Eat Healthy

by Jenna Crawford November 11, 2016

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Beginning To Eat Healthy

Everybody reaches a certain point in their life when they understand that health is the most important part of their life. Some come to that understanding sooner than others. Many though realize it, but don't have the tools to succeed.


In this post, we discuss 3 common mistakes people make when beginning to eat healthy:


1. Not Making Real Decisions


The language with which you pursue your healthy lifestyle is extremely important. Are you someone who says the following statements?

- "I hope it works."

- "I guess I'll try this."

- "Well, maybe this does work."

- "I'll give this one another shot."


When you look at it closely, you can hear yourself talking to yourself with doubt and basically releasing yourself of any commitment. Your language when it comes to something is exactly how you're going to approach it from a mental standpoint. Make a decision to get to your goal regardless of what it takes. Make a real decision and follow through with that decision. Your body deserves it!


2. No Long-Term Vision


Just like if you were starting your own business or embarking on some other journey, you would need to have long-term vision to be successful. Health requires the most long-term vision of all because it entails the rest of your life. Diets and short-term thinking have hampered the way that people think about their health long-term.


Looking back in 10-20 years.....


- What would you wish you began today?

- What do you wish to achieve by the end of your career?

- What difference do you want to make with your life?

- Will you be happy achieving these goals and aspirations by the end of your life?


Everything that you want to achieve begins with you. You can achieve all that by the end of your life and it all starts today. If you're ready to change your life for good, put your foot down and set a long-term vision on how it'll all play out.


3. Doing It Alone


Going on any journey alone is very difficult unless you are experienced with solo trips. If you're going to try to change your lifestyle, it's always best to have at least one other close friend, family member or significant other that embarks on the same journey as you.


Teamwork makes the dream work and it's extremely true when it comes to making lifestyle changes. Ask yourself some of these questions:

- Who else has done what you want to achieve?

- Can they give you shortcuts and advice to make the process easier?

- Who supports you when you face challenges?

- Who made the mistakes so you can learn from them?

- Who will cheer you on when you're overcoming obstacles?

- Who will keep you accountable throughout the entire process?


Team work is crucial and finding a great partner to rely on will only make the process easier for you. Have you made a lifestyle change? We'd love to hear from you below in the comments.

Jenna Crawford


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