4 Foods That Can Positively Impact Your Life

by Jenna Crawford January 23, 2017

4 Foods That Can Positively Impact Your Life

Many people tend to believe that one pill or supplement has the power to change a struggling part of your life. While that is true, it isn't always necessary to rely on supplements or pills immediately. In fact, there are numerous foods out there that provide similar results that individuals obtain from various supplements. 


In this post, we discuss 4 foods that can positively impact your life: 


1. Tofu 

Tofu, which is made from soybean curds is an extremely popular food of choice nowadays. More and more restaurants are catering to vegetarians by using tofu in some of their most popular dishes. Tofu is a great food to add to your diet because of the high levels of protein. It's also great for those balancing their cholesterol issues as it can cut cholesterol in half while providing a tasty solution for many. 


2. Cinnamon 

Most people don't expect a cinnamon macchiato or a cinnamon roll to be exactly the healthiest of options. While that is true, cinnamon has some great benefits that cannot be ignored. It's one of the most effective antioxidants available in the market. Taking cinnamon can prevent dementia, Alzheimer's and can prevent heart disease. In addition to those major solutions, cinnamon can also reduce the effects of aging, wrinkles and memory loss. 


3. Potatoes 

Potatoes are one food that nobody has an excuse for not eating. They are not only one of the cheapest foods to purchase, but they are usually available in pure abundance no matter where you live. They are extremely high in magnesium, iron, phosphorous and calcium which all aid you in maintaining strong bone structure. This can promote a healthy heart, reduce blood pressure and help widen blood vessels for the human body.


4. Chickpeas 

Diabetes continues to be a major health problem in America today. The resistance to insulin and a high blood sugar level causes the epidemic of diabetes we are seeing in society today. Even if you have a diet that is high in sugars, chickpeas have the innate ability to prevent diabetes. Chickpeas help to even out your insulin levels, transport sugars throughout your body and reduce cravings of sugar in your body. 


Before turning to supplements or pills for every one of your problems, be sure to check out what kind of benefits various foods can also provide your body. This article shared 4 foods that can positively impact your life. 


Jenna Crawford


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