5 Acts of Self Care You Can Do For Yourself Anytime

by Jenna Crawford May 10, 2018

5 Acts of Self Care You Can Do For Yourself Anytime

In a busy life, self-care is often pushed aside or given low priority. Perhaps a weekly yoga class or run around the block on weekends are all you can fit in. But for optimal functioning, you need to invest in your mind and emotions as well as your physical health.

The basis of looking after yourself is self-love. Not the narcissistic kind with false self-admiration but the love you have for yourself as a precious human being who deserves to be treated with respect and care and who has the right to be who they really are. With such spiritually-based kind and generous attitude towards yourself, you know that looking after yourself on every level of your being is essential for living the best life you can.

Here are 5 acts of self-care you can do for yourself anytime:

1. Pet Your Dog Or Cat

Aren’t pets the most self-soothing creatures? Take some time out each day to just sit and pet your dog or cat, focusing on the softness of their fur, the repetitive motions, and how calming it can be. Don’t have a pet? Get a nice fluffy, textured pillow or rug and do the same! It may sound silly, but this tactile activity can be very soothing.

2. Listen To Some Music

It’s well established that music is an efficient way of changing your mood – listening to a favorite song can help get you motivated, make you calmer, de-stress you or just simply make you happier. However, science has also established that music can affect your health in other positive ways too, such as diminishing back pain, helping manage depression and improving memory loss. Listening to music throughout the day – especially if you can multitask and listen to some tunes while doing some boring spreadsheet work, is a great way to keep yourself happy and productive.

3. Accept A Compliment

While not often something you can plan, accepting compliments can go a long way in improving your self-esteem and sense of self-care. Think about it. Every time you reject a compliment, you are filling your head with excuses, negative thoughts, and often, negative feelings. Take care of yourself and practice some self-love by giving someone a smile, and an earnest ‘thank you!’.

4. Unplug

Instagram and Facebook have some benefits, but does it really make you feel better to expose yourself to everyone’s online versions of themselves? Most often people only report on their success, and so it can be hard when you’re comparing your entire life to everyone’s highlight reels. Take the time to break away from social media, and allow yourself to focus on the beauty of the moment.

5. Get Some Sun

The sun is more than merely a big hot light source, it’s the source of all life on our earth. Subsequently, spending time in the sun is really good for you.

Vitamin D – which helps regulate all sorts of important things in your body – is absorbed most efficiently from actually spending some time soaking up the rays. And it only needs to be a few minutes to get the right amount – you don’t need to burn yourself and risk skin cancers. It physically helps you stay happy and healthy. Furthermore, making sure you leave your house or your office to actually go and stand in a patch of sunlight is psychologically very rewarding.


Looking after yourself mentally and physically doesn’t have to be a big production – it can be all about the small details. In this post, I shared with you 5 acts of self care you can do for yourself anytime.

Jenna Crawford


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