5 Bad Skin Care Habits Everyone Tends To Have

by Jenna Crawford January 29, 2018

5 Bad Skin Care Habits Everyone Tends To Have

We're all guilty of it. We fall into a beauty routine and use the same products day after day -- or even year after year. Sometimes, we don't even recognize that the product or routine may not be doing what it promised and may be harming our skin.

We all know about these often-repeated good skin care habits we need to follow to achieve a perfect, glowing complexion. And as beauty veterans, we're even familiar with the more obscure tips, like patting your moisturizer into your skin instead of rubbing it or applying urine on your face to fight acne (which is so false BTW).  And even we were surprised by these skin sins everyone commits, including us. 

Here are 5 bad skin care habits everyone tends to have:

1. You Pick At Your Skin

We admit it is very difficult to keep your hands off your blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. They aren’t wanted on your face and squeezing them seems like a quick fix, except that the damage you’re doing to your skin is probably worse than having the blemish, to begin with. Picking at your skin and the damage that comes with it can stay visible on your skin far longer than if you decided to just leave the blemish there. Acne scars can form and those can take weeks, if not months, to correct. Additionally, if your fingers are not clean you could be pushing germs and grease onto your skin, only making your breakouts worse. The simple solution is to keep your hands off your face.

2. Using Gritty Exfoliators

Sloughing off dead skin cells aren't supposed to hurt. If a scrub or peel stings or leaves your skin red and blotchy, toss it; along with flaky skin, it's wiping away your skin's natural hydrating oils. Gritty scrubs (which often contain rough natural exfoliators like kernels or seeds) and harsh peels can cause irritation and inflammation, which leads to clogged pores—and even brown spots and wrinkles. Use a gentle exfoliator with microbeads or sugar just once or twice a week, or a mild peel with lactic acid once a week.

3. Not Hydrating

We’ve all heard that statistic that says we’re pretty much just a bunch of water that looks like humans walking around the planet. Yet we still find reasons not to hydrate: “Water is boring…” “Having to pee all the time is inconvenient…” “I hate washing cups…” We know that we need water to do all the things our body needs to do. One is transporting nutrients to the places they need to go. Another is flushing out the impurities we don’t want hanging around. To avoid having skin problems, hydrate yourself always.

4. You Don’t Exercise Regularly

You might be thinking, “what does exercise have to do with my skincare routine?” The answer is, a lot! Most people think of exercise as something that only benefits their body/physique but it can be beneficial for your skin. Exercise rigorously means you are going to sweat. When you sweat your pores open up and expel dirt and oil. Just make sure to cleanse after your sweat session because your perspiration and dead skin cells can be a breeding ground for blemishes. 

5. Not Using Oil On Your Face 

Does simply hearing the word "oil" make you break out? While you may balk at the idea of applying oil on your face -- especially if you have oily skin -- using it can actually decrease your skin's oil production. Sounds crazy, but hear this one out: Over-cleansing stimulates the sebum glands, which prompts more oil production. Introducing oil to the skin can have the opposite effect and actually slow oil production, making you less shiny. And contrary to popular belief, face oils can even improve acne. Essential oils are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so they're very good at killing bacteria that's causing the breakouts.

Keep in mind that using oil on your face isn't just beneficial for those with oily skin; even normal and mature skin can benefit from this skin care habit. The key is to get high-quality oil with a molecular structure that's so small it can penetrate into your skin without sitting on top and clogging your pores.


You can achieve the skin you want! By ditching some of your bad habits and adopting some good ones, you could find yourself waking up to younger, more radiant looking skin. In this post, I shared with you 5 bad skin care habits everyone tends to have.

Jenna Crawford


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