5 Simple Exercises You Can Do Daily To Improve Posture

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5 Simple Exercises You Can Do Daily To Improve Posture

The posture of a person says a lot about his/her personality. It can also be an indicator of how the joints and muscles are working. When you see a person with a good posture, you perceive that this person is strong, powerful and confident. Undoubtedly, the person is standing tall with an open chest, and he held high and looked like the person is ready to take on the world. That is all because of the person’s good posture. 


The way a person looks and feels is directly related to the posture. Despite having a good posture, a lot of people doesn’t do anything to improve it. We go about our lives with hunched backs and imbalanced hips, and we deal with the pain because we thought it’s normal.


Eating right, drinking healthy and staying hydrated and exercises can improve health and wellness of a person. But also have to do something to improve our posture and have a straight spine and avoid other illnesses. Finding out how to fix the posture is an important process. If we don’t conduct a routine exercise that will help improve posture, we start to experience the adverse effects of poor posture habits at an early age.


A lot of us would want to improve our posture and live with it but does not know what type of exercise to do to improve posture. In this post, I will be sharing with you 5 simple exercises that you can do daily to improve posture.


1. Planking

Want a good and improved posture? Then the classic planking exercise is the best choice. Planking is an excellent core exercise that lights up a multitude of muscles all at once. When planking is done correctly, it helps to strengthen several abdominal muscles while also working the shoulders and back.


Planking is a simple exercise that reinforces the core of the body. Practice plank by laying face down on the floor with palms alongside shoulders and feet and legs together. Raise yourself so the arms are straight and you are equally balanced on your hands and toes.


Another variation is to raise yourself just to your forearms. Be sure to keep your spine straight, as proper form is essential to getting the most out of this exercise. Try holding the position for 30 seconds. As your strength improves, extend the time you do the planking.


2. Crunches With A Twist

Another form of exercise that helps to improve posture is a crunch with a twist. This exercise does not target only the posture but also works the abs and obliques that most men desire to have.


This exercise will require you to lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place the hands behind the head. Exhale as you lift your right shoulder of the floor and rotate towards the left. Inhale and lower the shoulder back to the floor. Repeat on the other side to complete one rep. You can do several repetitions as long as your body will do it.


3. Dumbbell Side Bend

Another exercise for the obliques and posture improvement. What you need is a pair of lightweight dumbbells or cans of soup as an alternative in the absence of the weights.


This is a simple exercise that targets the side muscles. Stand on your feet, shoulder width apart. Relax the shoulders and slowly bend to one side and return to the starting position. You can do all reps to one side before you do the other side or you can work both sides at once.


4. Back Extensions

Another posture improvement exercise is the back extension. To improve posture, it is necessary to strengthen the back with this kind of exercise. Lie face down, extend the arms straight above the head. Keep your head in line with your spine, gently lift your shoulders as far off the floor as possible and return to the starting position.


5. Kneeling Stretch

Having tight muscles in some parts of the body is a result of poor posture. Couple bad posture with a sedentary lifestyle and you got a recipe for back pain and worsening posture as you age. The kneeling stretch combats tightness in some important muscle groups. Doing it regularly, you will find that it will be much easier to sit and stand with a straight spine.


To begin the exercise, lunge with one leg forward while the knee of the other leg rests on the padded mat. Place hands on the lunging knee. Gently push the hips forward to feel a stretch in the iliopsoas muscle that connects the hip and spine. The more flexible the iliopsoas muscle is, the freer you are t keep your spine straight. Do a few reps of this exercise, and you will find improvement in your posture.



A good posture helps you to improve health and wellness and also boosts confidence. In this post, we shared with you 5 simple exercises that you can do daily to improve posture.

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