6 Benefits of Strontium That People Should Know About

by Jenna Crawford January 11, 2018

6 Benefits of Strontium That People Should Know About

Strontium is an element abundantly found in the earth's crust and needed for different functions in the human body. Pure forms of strontium are not seen commonly. Strontium is in the same family as calcium and magnesium because it is having somewhat similar chemical and physical properties. Strontium in combination with calcium is found to be of great importance for the human body. 

Both these compounds are having a significant role in providing strength to the skeletal system of human beings. Drinking water also fulfills the amount of strontium needed by an individual. Other than the drinking water strontium is present in grains, vegetables, and fish. All these products which contain strontium have excellent effect on the health of the individual.

Some dietary supplements that contain strontium are claimed to increase bone mineral density, bone volume, and bone thickness. Some clinical evidence shows that this mineral can benefit postmenopausal women with histories of osteoporosis. However, more research is necessary to determine clinical effectiveness in bone and joint conditions, and for other proposed uses.

Here are 6 benefits of strontium that people should know about:

1. Improves Bone Strength

According to a study, long-term use of strontium ranelate (up to 10 years so far) enhances bone mineral density in women. Though most studies have focused on women, there’s some evidence that strontium helps men too. In a 2013 study, men with osteoporosis who took strontium ranelate for two years had evidence of increased bone density in the spine and hip.

2. Benefits The Joints

Preliminary research suggests that strontium may also help arthritic joints by stimulating cartilage formation, among other possible mechanisms. In a study of people, people with knee osteoarthritis took strontium ranelate (1 or 2 grams a day) or a placebo for three years. Both strontium groups showed less joint space narrowing on X-rays (indicating slower disease progression) than the placebo group. The higher-dose group also had improvements in knee pain and physical functioning.

3. Beneficial To Those With Arthritic Joints

Strontium is found to promote cartilage formation in joints that are in states of degeneration. It may also improve osteoporosis in men via other unspecified mechanisms.

4. Essential In The Formation Of Collagen

Strontium is necessary for the formation of the collagen by the osteoblasts. Collagen provides strength to the bone. Strontium also assists in maintaining the strength of the vertebral column during pregnancy. Strontium is considered to be supporting substance for the bones.

5. Strontium Has Antinociceptive Effect

Antinociceptive effects refer to blocking the perception of pain or discomfort. In clinical research, strontium compounds demonstrated anti-irritant and anti-itch effects in people affected by various chemical irritants like glycolic acid; a compound commonly used in cosmetic products.

Strontium salts, especially strontium nitrate, seem to inhibit sensory irritation induced by exposure to chemicals selectively. This occurs without causing numbness, or other effects associated with anesthesia. Researchers think the antinociceptive effects of strontium are due to selective suppression of C-fiber nociceptors. These sensory receptors send pain messages via the spinal cord to the brain. They are responsible for creating sensations of burning and itching, and for initiating inflammatory responses.

6. Strontium Has Positive Dental Effects

Clinical research and review have shown that strontium chloride and strontium acetate are useful for decreasing discomfort caused by tactile (touch) and heat stimuli, in patients with dental hypersensitivity. 

Laboratory and animal studies have suggested that strontium might be beneficial for decreasing gum swelling, and for reducing dental plaque. This seems accurate instead it is used with fluoride or chlorhexidine, or used alone.


Strontium is a naturally occurring element that is beneficial for the health. In this post, I shared with you 6 benefits of strontium that people should know about.

Jenna Crawford


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