6 Fruits That You Should Be Eating To Boost Your Mood

by Jenna Crawford April 12, 2017

6 Fruits That You Should Be Eating To Boost Your Mood

Are you feeling blue? Or are you sick and tired of always feeling blue and depressed that you would want to achieve a state of happiness? Well, there is always an answer to that. Food. 


Who doesn’t like food? Primarily, fruit is the best answer to improve your mood. It becomes a comfort food whenever we feel down, depressed, or mad, and food helps to reduce stress and ease anxiety.


When we feel that we are not in the mood, we usually indulge ourselves with sweets, like chocolates or ice cream. For women who experience hormonal imbalance, especially when they are on their periods, they usually experience mood swings, and they begin to become unpredictable. But to improve mood swings, or their moods in general, whether it’s for a man or woman, there are healthy foods that you can eat. Fruits are healthy and can improve your mood at the same time.


Here are 6 fruits that you should be eating to boost your mood: 


1. Bananas

Wondering why monkeys are always so happy? That’s because of the bananas. Bananas are one of the world’s best foods that supply the body with energy. It’s rich in potassium and B vitamins that provides the body with more sustained energy and improve your mood.


2. Goji Berries

The Goji berry is a popular fruit used in Chinese medicine to increase the energy level of the body and enhance the release of hormones. They help improve the ability of the body to handle stress and support a healthy mood, mind and memory. This is a great tasting fruit that will not just help you feel energized, but will make you also feel happy as well.


3. Orange

The Orange fruit is considered as a happy fruit. This fruit is high in vitamin B and folic acid that is beneficial for those who are suffering from depression. The fruit’s tangy smell and cheery orange hues help to awaken the senses and improve one’s mood.


4. Avocado

Dubbed as the No. 1 food to eat to feel happier, avocado is delicious, nutritious, and a healthy superfood that can boost your mood. This fruit has many health benefits ranging from helping digestion, to improving your mood. This fruit acts as a natural hormone balancer that ensures your brain is producing the right chemicals needed for you to feel great and happier.


5. Grapes

This small take-along snack has more to give than just vitamins and minerals. The grapes are packed with antioxidants, specifically flavonoids that are effective in improving and boosting your mood. However, it isn’t recommended to drink grape wine as you wont’t get the same benefits. It is better to stick with the fruit in its natural state.


6. Strawberries

The strawberry is the beloved of all the berries. This fruit is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A and C and is also rich in manganese. These vitamins and minerals are efficient for proper brain function, a strong line of defense for brain degeneration and boosts the happy hormones of the brain that results in your improved mood.


In Conclusion

Mood can be affected by stress and hormonal change. Mood swings often times result in more stress and misunderstanding between individuals. In this post, we shared 6 fruits that you should be eating to boost your mood. 

Jenna Crawford


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