7 Low-Commitment Ways to Create Healthy Habits That Stick

by Jenna Crawford July 30, 2018

7 Low-Commitment Ways to Create Healthy Habits That Stick

How many times have you said that this time you were really going to commit to your health goals, only to be back in the same spot a week later? Building a new habit isn’t a walk in the park. It’s tough to be consistent when you have a million other responsibilities to worry about.

Many people that decide to try and lose weight and become healthier fall short after only a few short months. In fact, only 44% of people accomplish their weight loss goals. Although there are a number of reasons for this, many people are simply not given the correct tools and knowledge in order for them to become successful.

Adopting healthy eating habits and an overall healthy lifestyle is worth it. We are here to give you some easy tips that will make a difference. Here are 7 low-commitment ways to create healthy habits that stick:

1. Be Realistic

Aim high but don’t try to make too many changes at once, making several changes simultaneously might make you feel that you are constantly depriving yourself, for example, start off by replacing soda with water. Make a few changes and when you feel you are getting the hang of them to implement further changes.

2. Keep Trying New Food

If you eat the same things every single day not only do you get sick of them, but you limit your nutritional range. When you eat different fruits, vegetables, and meat, this allows your body to receive different nutrients. No matter how good the food is, if you eat something repeatedly, your body will crave something new. Keep your taste buds guessing by switching up your meals regularly.

3. Use Triggers

A trigger is something that leads you to automatically doing something else. Many smokers, for example, are often triggered to smoke after a meal. Use triggers to your advantage. If you commit to always meditating after breakfast, then after a few weeks you'll automatically think about meditating after your morning meal. Visual triggers work well, too. Laying your workout clothes on the bed in the morning will encourage you to work out when you get home from work.

4. Take Definitive Action and Commit

Removing the obstacles is a great way to set yourself up for success. You also need to take actions to commit to your new healthy habits. Throw out all the junk food and stock up on organic produce or sign up for some fitness classes. Take affirmative action to do whatever you can to make reaching your goal effective.

5. Drink More Water

You may think that you only need to stay hydrated when you are outside in the hot sun or when you are sweating at the gym but staying hydrated is critically important for your health and can be beneficial for weight loss. Some additional benefits include clearer skin, a healthier appetite, and fewer cravings. Try to keep a bottle with you at all times. If you are at the office, have one sitting at your desk; if you are watching television, have a water bottle beside you. If you are having a hard time because you feel as though you need something sweet, try some fruit-infused water or unsweetened seltzer water.

6. Track Your Progress And Achievements

Leading a healthy lifestyle through healthy habits can sometimes feel like an arduous endeavor but the changes will significantly benefit your energy levels, weight loss, immune system and confidence so track your progress. You will be pleasantly surprised how far you have come and feel proud of your achievements.

7. Find Support

Although it is important to hold yourself accountable, it is also very beneficial to find support. People that use the buddy system will lose more weight than those who don’t. Having support will help you stay on track, especially during moments of weakness. Losing weight with a friend will also make the process social and a more fun experience. You can listen to each other and keep each other motivated.


Follow these simple tips with a positive outlook and we have every confidence that you will be able to implement healthy habits and lead the life you want. In this post, I shared with you 7 low-commitment ways to create healthy habits that stick.

Jenna Crawford


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