7 Tricks For Maintaining Your Diet Plan While Eating At Restaurants

by Jenna Crawford July 22, 2017

7 Tricks For Maintaining Your Diet Plan While Eating At Restaurants

Eating out with friends and family cannot be avoided, especially during special occasions. Eating out is an extremely tough option for certain people who are trying to lose weight or eat extremely healthy. Regardless of special occasions, some people eat out due to their busy schedules and the late night of work. 

 As we eat out more, we become accustomed to what the restaurant offers and are willing to serve us. It sometimes causes us to forget that we are on a diet to lose weight. Don’t worry though, you can eat out and still be somewhat healthy! There are tricks that you can do to avoid overeating even when you eat at restaurants. These tricks will help you to watch out what you order and keep you on track with your diet. 

Here are the 7 tricks for maintaining your diet plan while eating at restaurants: 

 1. Be Salad Savvy

Whenever we eat at a restaurant, we often choose the mouth-watering steak, tender and delicious chicken and other high calorie foods that can entice our palate. But if you are trying to lose weight, you can always order a salad. Salad can be your best friend or worst enemy. Choose the healthy fresh greens, beans, and veggies but avoid drowning them with high-fat dressing or toppings like cheese, eggs, bacon or croutons. Pick calorie-friendly dressings such as vinaigrettes, low-calorie dressings or some squeezed lemons. You can gain control of the fat and calories in your salad by ordering the right dressing on the side.

 2. Choose Low-Fat Methods

When you eat at a restaurant, be wise of the food you are going to choose. Avoid food that has been smothered with oil or butter or lard. They tend to contain high calories. Choose foods that were cooked using methods that do not involve oil or butter. You can try foods that were grilled, broiled or baked. Other substitutes are steamed or poached meat, poultry, or seafood and vegetables. Request with your server also if they can reduce butter or oil in your meal. 

3. Practice Portion Control

Most restaurants can serve mountains of food, especially in the United States of America. Often times, the quantity can be triple that we usually eat at home. As a result of this, you can eat half of the serving and put the other one in a doggie bag so you can save it for another meal. To control your portion, you should eat until you are satisfied. Eat slowly so that you can hear your stomach telling you once it has had enough food. 

4. Choose Fruits For Dessert

Instead of choosing cakes for dessert, choose the healthy fresh fruits. You can avoid the calorie intake and you can stay on track with your diet plan. But, if you can’t just sit and watch your friends eating a delicious piece of cheesecake, follow the 3-bite rule. Take three bites of your dessert and set it aside for a few minutes. You will feel that you are less likely to come back and eat another piece.

 5. Drink Water Throughout The Meal

Drinking water throughout the meal is a very helpful trick if you want to stay on track with your diet plan. Drinking water can slow you down, help you enjoy the food more and can send a message to your brain that you are full. As a result, you will eat less, consume less calorie sand stay on track with your diet.

 6. Don’t Go To The Restaurant With An Empty Stomach

Avoid going to the restaurant hungry. Remember that restaurants will serve you double or triple the portion size you eat at home. If you are trying to lose some weight and keeping track of your diet, eat something before you go to the restaurant. You can eat half full, and you will notice that you will eat less than the portion served to you.

 7. Be Mindful Of Your Sodium Intake

Foods served at restaurants can contain a few pinches of salt during the preparation process and some more before they are being served. When we receive our food, we often add a little more salt to add flavor. The reality is, we do not need to add any more once we receive our ordered food. We consume sodium all throughout the day, not just from the restaurant, so it is best to avoid any unnecessary salt.


Eating at restaurants is a good way to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. But sticking to your diet plan is also important. In this post, I shared with you 7 tricks for maintaining your diet plan while eating at restaurants.

Jenna Crawford


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