8 Indian Eating Habits That Are Really Good For You

by Jenna Crawford November 24, 2017

8 Indian Eating Habits That Are Really Good For You

Indian food is always perceived as spicy and delicious. Though some cannot handle the hot spices and herbs, it is believed that only Indian food is the healthiest compared to the other cuisines in the world. Indian food has its unique aroma and taste, which makes every meal better than the other. On the other hand, the food habits Indians follow are so different that it is because of these habits that some of them don't suffer from major diseases.

Following the Indian way of life and eating the right balanced foods cooked with rich spices and herbal oils can surely make you live a longer and healthier life. In this post, I will share with you 8 Indian eating habits that are really good for you.

1. They Use A Lot Of Spices

A common complaint of people who travel or live abroad is that the food is just bland! They cook their vegetables and meats mostly with just salt and pepper. And we can’t imagine food without spices at all. Even ghar ka masala or garam masala is a mix of at least 5-10 spices. No wonder Indian food rocks foreign shores – and the spicier, the better.

2. They Prepare Their Food Fresh 

Everyone wishes to have fresh food on a daily basis. At sometimes, people do it thrice in a day and no matter if it seems strange and hectic, it is a known truth that this habit is considered quite normal for the people of India.

No matter the hassles involved in the process, most of working men and women of India doesn’t like frozen food which is considered to be a bad idea. Now some options offer homemade fresh food prepared by the housewives to the working men and women.

Most of the Indians consider processed food not good for their health as the natural structure of such food is changed during the preparation process. These people like to eat fresh, healthy food which saves them from diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart failures and different degenerative diseases.

As per the Ayurveda system which is quite a popular belief system in India, it is often recommended that eating food that has been preserved is not beneficial for the home.

3. They Eat Their Leaves

Enriched with a ton of vitamins, adding curry leaves, coriander to Indian curries, etc., will also benefit the taste. So, add a few leaves to boost your immunity and keep yourself fit.

4. They Eat With Their Hands

Even as many people proudly claim that they are not able to eat unless they have a spoon, the ancient shastras recommended eating with hands "which had to be cleaned thoroughly before and after the meal." Eating with hands is neither uncouth nor tacky, but is extremely healthy. According to Ayurveda when we put food in our mouth through our hand, the five fingers together form a mudra (a yogic position) which activates the sensory organs that keep prana in balance. It also improves digestion because when the hand touches the food, the brain sends signals to the body releasing digestive juices. This is probably the reason why food tastes better when eaten with hands.

5. They Have Many Vegetarian Options

Nobody does vegetarian food like Indians. Of course, they have an advantage being a mostly vegetarian nation. But they’ve taken eating vegetables to beyond salads and sautéing. They’ve made cooking no-meat food an art form. And with the growing trend across the world of turning vegetarian, Indian food is going places!

6. They Cook Using Earthen Utensils

The ancestors must have prepared food in earthenware because they did not know about plastic, steel, and aluminum. But that was not the only reason for it. Cooking in clay pots adds calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur and several other minerals to food. Clay pots are also alkaline in nature, so they mix well with acidic food and balance its pH level. Remember, deadly diseases like cancer do not develop in an alkaline atmosphere.

7. Consuming Aromatic Chutneys

Mint chutney is famous in India. This chutney is healthier than a coconut chutney because consuming it will help in relieving indigestion. It gets rid of the pain in the body and also fights a cold and cough infection.

8. Sitting On The Floor

Eating on the floor is considered to be healthy according to scriptures. Folding the legs and sitting to eat helps to improve the digestion better. It aids in giving your back a better posture, thus getting rid of backaches, and lastly, it helps to improve your strength.


Every culture has different food and eating habits. But trying a new one, like Indian eating habits can make a difference. Not only on how we think about food but mainly affects the health in general. In this post, I shared with you 8 Indian eating habits that are really good for you.

Jenna Crawford


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