8 Valuable Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

by Jenna Crawford May 30, 2018

8 Valuable Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea health benefits include supporting cardiovascular heart, ideal for insomniacs, supports psychological health, prevents cancer, support the digestive system, control diabetes, and help boost the immune system. Other benefits include fighting inflammation, supporting weight loss, enhancing the skin and preventing cough and cold.

Famous for its pleasant fragrance, did you know jasmine tea can treat cardiovascular problems? Not only this but jasmine tea can do wonders for insomniacs as well. Herbalists also suggest that the mild tasting tea is beneficial for obese. Moreover, you can reap plenty of nutrients only by consuming one cup of jasmine tea to improve the condition of your skin.

Derived from jasmine flowers, jasmine tea has a quite impressive history. The idea of tea was first generated during Song regime. And since then it became an essential element in Chinese culture that they start consuming it to treat health problems. Taiwan also produces jasmine tea, but it was China that introduces it to the world years ago. And like China, most parts of the world have incorporated it into their daily routine already.

Here are 8 valuable health benefits of jasmine tea:

1. Weight Loss

Everyone is looking for the secret to reduce their weight easily and quickly, and jasmine tea can be a good addition to any diet as an aid in weight loss. The antioxidant properties of jasmine tea help to increase your metabolism. This increase in the metabolic efficiency makes your exercise effective and helps your body to process the nutrients quicker. Faster or more efficient metabolism helps with weight loss, but it must be used in addition to other weight loss techniques, as a complementary element, not as a stand-alone solution.

2. Stress Relief

The soothing combination of green tea and jasmine tea can benefit those with stress. Just by the scent, jasmine tea is thought to be helpful in relieving anxiety, depression, tension, and headaches. The sedative effect of jasmine tea also helps to calm the mood for those in stressful situations.

3. Helps Fight Cancer

When you drink jasmine tea, you get the benefits of the jasmine plant and the green tea, both of which contain powerful cancer-fighting properties. Green tea is high in antioxidants, which counter the free radicals in the body that can eventually lead to cancer. Meanwhile, the scent of jasmine is also thought to contain anti-cancer properties. Once again, be sure to sniff as you enjoy your cup of tea.

4. Reduce the Development Of Diabetes

Jasmine tea is also considered an effective remedy for reducing the development of diabetes. It is thought that drinking jasmine tea or green tea can reverse the negative effects of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and the formation of insulin. Studies suggest that green tea extract and a dietary supplement poly(L-glutamic acid) treatment may be a promising therapeutic and preventative tool for those with type 2 diabetes.

5. Antibacterial Properties

This is one of the lesser known health benefits of consuming jasmine tea. The jasmine oil which flavors the tea can provide defense against some antibacterial infections.

The Jasmine Tea is said to be an effective enemy to Escherichia coli, which is a dangerous bacteria found in many roadside junk foods. In addition to that, jasmine tea serves as an excellent alternative in place of syrups used for a cough and throat infections.

6. Ideal for Insomniacs

Jasmine tea affects your nervous system, the soothing and healing properties later function to relax your tensed nerves. This procedure allows you to sleep peacefully for hours. Scientists have found that jasmine flower contains sedative compounds. And when consumed in tea form, the compounds gradually begin inducing sleep into insomniacs. Moreover, jasmine tea can also help regulate your irregular sleep patterns.

7. Protects Heart Health

For those with a personal or family history of cardiovascular issues, jasmine tea can be a huge help in preventing further problems. The catechins found in jasmine tea are a key factor in inhibiting LDL-oxidation, which is when “bad” cholesterol in your arteries gets inflamed after being oxidized. This inflammation of veins and arteries can lead to heart attack or stroke. The catechins found in jasmine tea inhibit this oxidizing process, so blood pressure and cholesterol levels decrease, and long-term threats like heart diseases can be prevented.

8. Helps In Blood Circulation

In addition to removing all the bad cholesterol from the body, the jasmine tea is scientifically proven to be very helpful in blood circulation. This reduces the risk of causing blood clots in the veins which can lead to severe brain damage.


Jasmine is not only a sweet-scented flower that can give a relaxing aroma. It also has hidden health magic that anyone can benefit. In this post, I shared with you the 8 valuable health benefits of jasmine tea.

Jenna Crawford


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