How To Actually Make Friends At Your Local Gym

by Jenna Crawford January 09, 2018

How To Actually Make Friends At Your Local Gym

Working out at the gym is a great way to get in shape and meet new friends at the same time. The key to connecting with folks is to appear engaging and fun. This means making eye contact, smiling, and yes, making sure your gym duds are clean.

Every successful fitness journey or body transformation have one thing in common: an improved support system. It’s quite possibly the most important factor for long-term fitness success. Motivation is great to get you started, but it’s a finite resource that typically runs out quickly. Finding something else—or someone—to keep you in the gym and adherent to your fitness regimen is a must!

Here are ways on how to actually make friends at your local gym:

1. Go To The Gym Regularly

Part of making new friends at the gym is knowing who you might want to be friends with. Being a regular can also help your potential friends get used to your presence at the gym, allowing them to feel a bit more familiar to you. Find a gym that you love and start regularly attending to help you start making new friends.

Don't approach people that are brand new to the gym. Let them get familiar with the gym before you try to make friends. Make sure your gym has regulars that you feel you could become friends with.

2. Leave Your iPod At Home

Perhaps the most significant deterrent to meeting new people is giving the impression that you're not interested in conversation. If you're in your own zone and listening to music, you won't come across as someone open to chit-chat. Try skipping the music in favor of scoping out the other exercises during your workout. Smile and be approachable. Just saying hello to a few folks here and there can lead to small talk, which is often the first step toward a new friendship.

3. Take Advantage Of Any Free Personal Training Or Consultations

Even if you know your way around the gym, meeting with one of the most outgoing people in the gym can’t be a bad thing. It’s an easy way to make a friend on day one without awkwardly approaching anyone.

4. Empathize Mid-Workout

Whether it’s commiserating with eye contact during a particularly brutal squat set, a big smile during a rejuvenating yoga hold, or shared laughter when you mess up the steps in Zumba, connecting during exercise is a great way to build an immediate connection. Capitalize on those pumping endorphins.

5. Ask About Team Or Group Activities

See if your gym has team sports or other group classes, such as aerobics, racquetball, spinning, water class, or yoga. Joining a class will allow you a few moments to chat with others around you before and after class. If you make the class a regular habit, you'll be able to connect with people on a consistent basis. Strike up a conversation and see what you have in common.

Even if your gym doesn't offer a class, you might still be able to connect with people who are training for other exercise events. Many times people who organize local runs or charity walks distribute flyers at the gym. Ask around to see who else might be participating. Very often people shy away from doing an event unless someone else is interested, so this is a prime opportunity to start up a new friendship.

6. Follow Proper Gym Etiquette

It doesn’t take long to become known as the person who never wipes down equipment, makes too much noise, forgets personal hygiene, or makes other gym goers uncomfortable. Make it a point to be respectful of the gym and its members.

7. Avoid Criticizing Someone's Form

Offering to help someone improve their form without them asking won't be a good way to make friends. Although some people may appreciate the advice, others will be annoyed. Always avoid criticizing someone's form or technique unless you are already good friends with them.

Even if you are trying to be genuinely helpful, most people won't appreciate being critiqued. Telling someone how to do a workout without being asked will likely prevent you from starting a new friendship or romantic relationship.


Hitting the gym isn't only good for improving your fitness. Going to the gym can also be a great place to make new friends. However, finding the right people and the right time to approach them can be difficult. Thankfully, there are some steps that you can take to help you break the ice and start making new friends at your favorite gym. In this post, I shared with you ways on how to actually make friends at your local gym.

Jenna Crawford


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