How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

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How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Sweets are so delectable and so good. At some point in our lives, most of us have wanted to eat something sweet, such as chocolates, candies and other sweet things that can satisfy our sweet tooth. Most of the time this craving happens when we are on a strict diet and trying to lose weight to become fit and feel better.


Sweet tooth and sugar cravings often happen when we try to make dramatic changes to our diet. The willpower to change to a healthy lifestyle is gone and we are willing to give in to the temptation. Sugar and sweets are addicting and too much can cause a lot of illnesses, which can cause long-term health issues. In order to understand how to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings, we need to first understand why our bodies want sugar.  


Here are some of the reasons why we crave sugar:


1. Hunger

When a person is feeling hungry, we tend to look for food to fill our empty stomachs. What we do is fill it with sugary or carb-filled foods. So, it is recommended that we avoid getting hungry by snacking often to avoid these nasty cravings. 


2. We Are Hard-Wired To Take In Sugar 

Our ancestors during the stone age needed sugar to survive. The sugar from fruits they ate gave them the energy and helped them store fat. It often gave them some sort of nutrients on the days where their hunting endeavors were unsuccessful. Even though today we don’t need to hunt, we still hold on to the cravings for sugar. 


3. We Ingest Too Much Salt 

Taking in too much salt is really bad for the body. Not only that, but it makes us crave more sugar and sweet foods. The reason is that the body reacts to all the sodium that we take in and our sweet tooth begins salivating for sugar.


Now that we know why our body wants sugar, here are some ways on how to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings: 


1. Pay Attention To Serving Sizes

There are times that we can’t contain our sugar cravings, which is okay. Everything in the right doses is absolutely fine. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth craving, don’t go overboard. Just be conscious of the serving size. A small amount of sweet foods is absolutely okay to satisfy a sweet food cravings.


2. Swap To Something Healthier

Sugary foods are high in fat, but a better alternative is to satisfy a sweet tooth craving with something a little bit on the healthier side. Try to take in low-fat or lower calorie varieties of the sweet foods that you are craving. In this way, you still satisfy your craving while being healthy. 


3. Pick Seasonal Fruits

Swapping sugary foods with seasonal fruits are better than eating chocolates for a snack. Fruits in season are sweet and can be a great alternative. You can bring fresh slices of fruits to work and munch on them for a snack or when you feel a craving coming on.


4. Let The Message Sink In

After you have eaten your main course, wait for at least 15 minutes for your body to digest all the food you ate before having dessert. The reason why you wait 15 minutes is to that your body can start to feel full and that so-called ‘second stomach’ for dessert can be shut down. If you are still craving something sweet, go for the low calorie or low sugar desserts.


5. Don’t Rush Things

When you crave something sweet on the go, make sure you munch on fruits. Most people in a rush end up giving into the most harmful sugars available such as a chocolate bar. If you want chocolates or a sugary drink, take some time to eat and drink your treat. Taking time to consume your sweet treats will give you the maximum level of satisfaction and pleasure from your treats.


6. Brush Your Teeth

One way to stop your craving is to brush your teeth. It is considered as one of the oldest tricks in the book. When you try to avoid giving into the sweet cravings, grab your toothbrush and brush your teeth using a mint flavored toothpaste. It will leave your mouth fresh and minty and will spoil the taste of the sweet treats that you want. 



A sweet tooth is almost inevitable for everyone whether young or old, but there are ways to satisfy sweet cravings in a healthy and natural way that both the body and mind can benefit. In this post, we shared with you the ways on how to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

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