How To Stop Eating Sugar With 10 Small Changes In Daily Habits

by Jenna Crawford April 25, 2017

How To Stop Eating Sugar With 10 Small Changes In Daily Habits

Eating less sugar seems so straightforward and easy, but it’s one of the hardest thing to do. Why? Because we just cannot let go of our sweet tooth.


Most of the time, we eat sugary foods because of cravings, stress or simply because we feel like we cannot live without sweets. For women, eating something sweet during their PMS is a relief to what they are experiencing at the moment. No matter what reason you have to consume sugary foods, too much sugar is bad for the body.


When we consume too much sugar, we gain weight; we develop type 2 diabetes, our insulin levels are not healthy and it also affects the organs. Other than that, other illnesses can develop with continuous consumption of sugar. Hypertension, heart attack, kidney failure and diabetes are just some of the diseases that are associated with too much sugar. However, there are many ways on how sugar intake can be controlled.


Here’s how to stop eating sugar with 10 small changes in daily habits:


1. Substitute Usual Sweets With Fruits

Fruits that are rich in sugar have a lot fructose, and they are considered the natural sugar. Processed sugar is those found in chocolates, gummy bears and other sweet foods you buy from the candy counter. Natural sugars are easily digestible compared to processed sugars. Natural sugar is healthy, but of course, too much  of it is not. Taking ample amount of natural sugar builds up increased belly fat and can be the leading cause of type 2 diabetes.


2. Ditch Artificial Sweeteners

Dieters often go for a diet soda or sugar-free gums to stop their craving for sugary foods. Cutting the artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharine and even stevia is also recommended as they can make you crave the sweet foods. The artificial sweeteners change your palate and make you crave more to feel satisfied.


3. Clean Your House

Instead of cleaning your actual house, clean your fridge and cabinets of all the sweet temptations. When you have control of the environment you live in, you can also control what should be in that environment – and it’s not sugar. Replace the sugars with a natural source of sugar such as fruits, which are healthier and easier to digest.


4. Create A Backup Plan

Every Plan A needs a Plan B. When Plan A does not succeed, proceed to Plan B. Just like your initial your plan to ditch the sugar, make a new scheme to distract yourself and to diversify your attention. Instead of being tempted by sugary foods, take a walk, exercise and stay away from the temptation. Knowing what you have to do ahead of time makes a huge difference.


5. Manage Your Magnesium Levels

If you crave chocolates, in particular, you might be magnesium deficient. Chocolate cravings are linked to those people who have a magnesium deficiency. If you think you are deficient, consult your doctor, and boost your magnesium levels by eating dark leafy veggies. They are often rich in magnesium.


6. Rethink What You Drink

You might want to rethink what you are drinking. Often times, we are deceived by what we read from the labels of the drinks we drink. Don’t be! You should know that sodas, fruit juice in tetra packs or cans and even coffees on the go are full of sugar. The only real sugar-free drink is water. If you want fruit juice, opt for freshly squeezed fruit juice, where there is no processed sugar, only natural ones.


7. Beware of Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are still fruits, but they are often times added with sugar, juice concentrates and syrups to improve flavor to prolong shelf life. So if you are fond of eating dried fruits or adding them to your breakfast cereals, you might want to limit your consumption if you don’t want to have diabetes.


8. Trick Your Tastebud

When the sweet tooth attacks and you don’t want to eat any sugary foods, drink a cup of tea and drink it. Teas such as Mint Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Ginger Tea and Chai teas can help you fend off the craving by hitting the “sweet spot” without the overload of sugar. If sweet tea is what you like, just add honey which is also fairly healthy.


9. Have A Savory Breakfast

Having tasty foods for breakfast will fill your cravings all throughout the day. However, having a sweet breakfast can also keep you from having sweet cravings for the rest of the day. Using cinnamon as sugar is a better substitute than using processed ones.


10. Shop On A Full Stomach

The most damaging place where you can eat is when you step outside of the house. Your options are limited and almost everything you pass by is going to be unhealthy. If you are going shopping, be sure to a have a full stomach to ensure that you restrain from buying more sweets than vegetable and fruits. Avoid the chocolate aisle as much as you can!



Our body needs sugar because it provides us energy, but too much sugar is unhealthy. In this post, we shared with you how to stop eating sugar with 10 small changes in daily habits.

Jenna Crawford


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