How To Tell If You're Lacking Vitamin D & How To Give Yourself Enough!

by Jenna Crawford April 19, 2017

How To Tell If You're Lacking Vitamin D & How To Give Yourself Enough!

Are you always getting sick? Do you feel tired for no reason? Do you find yourself prone to stress fractures? If your answer to these questions is a big YES, then you are positively lacking vitamin D.


In the USA, vitamin D deficiency is very common. People usually confuse it for something else since they eat and drink foods with vitamin D. In reality, there are only a few foods that contain therapeutic levels of vitamin D. Although foods are vitamin D fortified, they are not enough to support the entire Vitamin D needs for an individual.  


Vitamin D is not a regular vitamin like vitamin A or C; vitamin D is a steroid hormone. Vitamin D can be obtained primarily through exposure to the sun, and not in your diet.


Here is how to tell if you lack vitamin D & how to give yourself enough: 


1. You Are Tired All The Time

If you feel tired and completely exhausted even if you have plenty of sleep, the possibility is that you don’t get enough vitamin D. Studies show that low vitamin D levels in the body are prevalent to people who often experience fatigue.


2. You’re Depressed

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with being blue or being depressed. Research shows that there is a link connecting low levels of vitamin D in the blood with symptoms of depression. Increasing your levels of vitamin D can be crucial in boosting your mood. 


3. Sweatiness Of The Forehead

Sweating is something common for everyone, especially those who exercise a lot or engage in many physical activities. If a person with a stable body temperature and normal activity levels sweat a lot from their forehead, it is a sign of vitamin D deficiency.


4. The Bones Hurt A Lot

For adults who don’t get a lot of vitamin D, they often experience aches and pains in their muscles and bones, especially during the cold days of winter. The joints become stiffer in the morning because of the cold. Vitamin D deficiency can cause soft bones, and they are more likely to bow and fracture compared to healthy bones.


5. You Are Prone To Stress Fractures

Many people think that bone health is associated only with calcium, which isn’t completely true. Vitamin D is responsible for the bone to absorb the calcium that enters the body. A lack of vitamin D can cause thinning and make your bones extremely brittle.


 Vitamin D deficiency can be countered if you try the following: 


1. Have A Healthy Respect For The Sun

The sun is a powerful natural medicine that has great benefits and dangerous side effects for your skin. Treat it like a medication, using the lowest dose necessary, but you should not be completely avoiding it. Get healthy exposure from the sun by wearing sun screen when going out to avoid the rays from burning your skin. 


2. Avoid Sunburns

Sun exposure is healthy, but too much sun is not very healthy. When you expose your skin to the sun, try to avoid obtaining a sunburn. Sunburn is not healthy, and it can cause melanoma and other skin diseases such as skin cancer.


3. Get Frequent, Short Bursts Of Sun Exposure

Having regular short exposures to the sun is more efficient than having intermittent and prolonged exposure. It is also proven to be very healthy as you aren’t overexposed to the sun. This will ensure your body to get the proper dose of vitamin D without doing long-term damage to your skin.


4. Don’t Rely On Food Alone For Vitamin D

Vitamin D is not only available in food. Salmon, Mackerel, and milk are all great sources of vitamin D, but you have to consume enormous quantities of them to get enough vitamin D in your body. The sun is still the only vitamin D source that can give you the right amount of vitamin D that the body needs. 


5. Take VitaminD3 Supplements If Necessary

During the winter, when the sun is often times absent, you can still get your proper dose of vitamin d by taking vitamin D3 supplements. Vitamin D3 supplements can give the body the amount of vitamin D that you can obtain from the sun.



Vitamin D is important and vital for the proper functioning of the body’s organs and the bones. It is necessary to have exposure to the sun to replenish the vitamin D. In this post, we shared with you how to tell if you’re lacking vitamin D & how to give yourself enough.

Jenna Crawford


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