What Happens If You Were To Only Drink Water For 30 Days

by Jenna Crawford April 22, 2017

What Happens If You Were To Only Drink Water For 30 Days

Water is essential to every living form. For us, humans, every molecular cell, tissue, and organ relies on water to continue to live. Water provides us the kind of healthy therapy to sustain our life. Waters impacts specific body operations and maintains a good level of health.


When water is the primary beverage you drink, great things can happen to your body. Though a lot of people have tried to drink only water, it is not as easy as it seems. Many people have failed in taking water as their primary and only beverage.


Here is what happens if you were to only drink water for 30 days:


1. Mental Creativity Is Boosted

When you are to drink only water for 30 days, your brain will react faster. The brain needs tons of oxygen to function efficiently, and water is an excellent source of oxygen. The brain power will be boosted, and it will help you to focus. It will improve cognitive performance and will make you keen, smart and quick.


2. You Will Age Slowly

Water helps decelerate the aging process. It keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized and healthy. It contributes to maintain the muscle tones in your body. Not only that, but consuming lots of water can also reverse some of the effects of aging. 


3. Strengthens Immunity

Water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. It acts as a catalyst for the renewal of optimal body functions. Drinking adequate amounts water will support the performance of the liver and kidneys. Sufficient water intake neutralizes pH levels and strengthens immunity against illnesses while also supporting pain management.


4. Strengthens The Heart

Drinking enough water can reduce the risk of a heart attack. When enough water has been consumed, you’ll stay hydrated and it will prevent coagulating the blood that causes heart attacks. 


5. Helps You Lose Weight

Water helps in getting rid of the toxins and waste products from the organs of the body. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, that results in consumption of fewer calories. It does this by making you feel more full allowing you to eat less food. 


6. Boosts Metabolism

Studies show that regardless of your diet, drinking water regularly stimulates a more active metabolism. Drinking water after you wake up can increase your metabolism by up to 24%.


7. Strengthens The Bones

Drinking adequate amounts of water improves the joint flexibility. It helps to rebuild the shock absorber cartilage so the joints can move smoothly and prevent joint damage. If you have had a history of broken bones, a cause of it could be a lack of enough water. 


8. Improves Skin

Drinking water helps keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. It also contributes to clearing the dark spots and blemishes many older people find in their skin. It gives the skin a youthful glow and retains skin elasticity.


9. Helps You Maintain A Healthy Bowel Movement

Drinking water with high fiber intake will improve your bowel movements. While harmful toxins are flushed out, your colon and intestine are cleansed with water preventing illnesses.


10. Boosts Energy

Drinking pure water helps to replenish the electrolytes of the body. This will keep you energized and pumped for the rest of your day. If you are partaking in physical activities, you’ll notice that your body needs a larger amount of water to sustain your energy levels. 



Water is the most vital ingredient to keep the body healthy and away from illnesses. Drinking 8-10 glasses has great benefits to the body and there are no side effects from drinking too much water. In this post, we have shared to you what happens if you were to only drink water for 30 days.

Jenna Crawford


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