Why Losing Belly Fat Is The Toughest Thing For People

by Jenna Crawford March 30, 2017

Why Losing Belly Fat Is The Toughest Thing For People

Why is it so tough losing belly fat? Is it because of lack of exercise? Not eating a healthy diet? Or simply because we are too lazy to lose the belly fat?

Having a bulging belly fat is common in overweight and obese people. It is also a sign that you are unhealthy and may be prone to diseases that may include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndromes or even cancer. This belly fat surrounds the liver, the intestines, and other organs and contributes to the malfunctioning of our organs. This is referred to as ‘visceral fat’ according to medical terms.

There are many factors that cause a person to have belly fat making it visually unappealing. Some of these factors are within ourselves, like being lazy to do a workout to maintain a healthy body, or the inability to watch what we eat.

Many think that having body fat is harmful to the body, but actually, the body fats help our body to protect our organs. There are two types of body fats, these are the essential body fats which help the body to function well and helps protect the delicate organs. Another type of body fat is the storage fat, which is normally found underneath the skin and is vital for keeping the skin tight and hydrated. All in all, body fat is an essential part of the body.

We always want to have a lean body mass, tight and toned muscles and of course, a flat belly. Men and women always desire to have a flat stomach, and even men often times go overboard and have 6-pack abs. Maintaining a healthy level of fat in the body, while not gaining weight and still having a flat stomach is very beneficial to the body.


Here are some of the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight while minimizing your body fat: 


1.    Helps insulates the body

You may be wondering how the body fats insulate the body. Mainly, it helps to regulate the body temperature. When we have enough body fat, our body instantly adjusts to the environmental temperature, protecting us to the adverse effects of being exposed to extreme heat or cold.


2.    Helps with vitamin absorption

The absence of enough body fat in the body can cause the body to experience vitamin deficiency. The body fat is the carrier of the essential vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K in our entire body.


3.    Becomes a shock absorber

Shock absorbers are not only found in mechanical items, but also in our body. The body fat acts as a shock absorber and prevents us from experiencing potential injuries. Body fats help to cushion our internal organs and joints.


4.    Maintains Cell Structure

What makes our skin tight and younger looking is because of the help of the body fats. The body fats help to maintain the cell structure, thus, keeping the skin tight. It also helps prevent the skin from looking hydrated and rejuvenated.


5.    Provides energy

Whenever we have activities or we are moving our bodies, we produce energy and what gives us the energy is with the help of the body fats. With enough body fats and energy, we can prevent being sick and acquiring various illnesses.


6.    Fertility

Women’s fertility is also associated with having a right amount of body fat in the body. The body fats can help in the production of the hormones in the body, especially for women. Low body fat in women can cause to having a low estrogen and can result in a hormonal imbalance.

So you already know the benefits of having just the right amount of body fats in the body. Do you know your body fat percentage? Are you included in the healthy range? You can measure your body fats using body fat calculators that you can easily look up on the internet. The ideal body fat percentage for men and women differs as seen below:



People with excessive belly fat often times fall in the overweight or obese classification. It means that you have more than the necessary body fats needed. To avoid accumulating unnecessary fats in the body, we need to know what are the reasons why we have belly fat and what the belly fat is  made of. 


Here are some of the reasons why we have belly fat and also the things we need to omit from our diet and routines.


1.    Consumption of Sugary Foods and Beverages

Other than a triggering factor for diabetes and insulin resistance, consumption of foods that are high in sugar can cause the body to store fats. Mainly these fats are stuck in the belly and develop as visceral fats or the ‘beer gut’, as what other people call it.

Sugar can also be found in beverages such as sodas, canned fruit juice and other drinks that contain sugar. These drinks oftentimes contain more sugar than the actual sugar that we can consume. If you drink these on a regular basis, there is a high chance of you to increase your belly fat.

Drinking liquid with high sugar content does not make a person feel full or satiated, sometimes it even causes a person to eat more, gaining more belly fat.


2.    Alcohol

This is where the ‘beer gut’ name came from. Consumption of alcohol in moderation can have a positive effect on our health, like drinking wine. If you drink wine moderately, especially red wine, it can be beneficial for the heart and can help to lower the risks of experiencing a stroke. However, too much consumption of alcohol can also damage the liver and affect other organs.

One of the most popular alcoholic drinks is beer. We know that beer is high in carbohydrates because of its ingredients. When we consume too much beer, we take in too many carbohydrates, the carbs contribute in the fat belly. When carbs are not properly burned, it is often converted into sugar, the sugar is then stored as fats. So drinking beer is one of the reasons why we have ‘beer guts’ and over consumption of any alcoholic beverage.


3.    Inactivity

Being sedentary can greatly affect our health. It is a sign that we have poor health and sometimes, being inactive, can increase the risk of acquiring diseases that can be crucial to the health.

When a person is inactive, the stored fats that should be burned by engaging our body in movement are not burned, instead, we keep them and slowly contributes to the formation of the belly fat. Comparing an active person who eats a lot to an inactive person who eats a little, the inactive person will have the fat belly since no energy is used, therefore no fat was burned.


4.    Not Enough Sleep

Food is not the only reason why a person has belly fat, not getting enough sleep can also be a factor that we need to consider. When a person lacks sleep, there is a tendency that we gain more weight, thus, the abdominal fat also increases.


5.    Menopause

When a girl hits the puberty stage, and experiences having a menstrual period every month, the hormone estrogen gives the signal that the fats should be stored in the hips and thigh areas.

When a woman experiences menopausal, the estrogen level drops and the tendency is that the fats are not stored in the hips and thighs anymore, instead, they are stored in the abdomen, causing women to have a belly fat.

You may have noticed it is not only food that causes the body to have belly fat. Even our daily routine can affect our health. When we become inactive, there is a tendency that we do not burn enough fat, and are sometimes stored and accumulated in the belly area.

Being an overweight person is often associated with having a fat belly, but there are overweight people that still have excellent health. The problem only is that the fats are accumulated in the abdomen area, which can become a big issue for a person.


Here are some of the things that you can do to lose the belly fat.


1.    Eat More Protein

If you want to lose weight, eating protein enriched food is the best substitute. It is considered as one of the most effective ways to lose weight, as well as the belly fat. Whenever you consume protein more than carbohydrates, the body tends to burn the carbohydrate first. Unburned carbohydrates are converted to sugar and unused sugar is stored as fats. When carbohydrates, sugar, and fats are all used up, the body will then burn the protein, enabling us to develop muscles. It can also help to make our muscles lean and tight.


2.    Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

As discussed, sugary foods and beverages often cause weight gain and belly fat. If you avoid consuming these foods and drinks, there is a big chance that you can easily lose weight and get rid of the belly fat.


3.    Eat Fiber Enriched Foods

Fiber enriched foods are helpful in losing weight, as well as in improving the metabolism. When the metabolism of the body is good, it is easier for us to burn fats and lose weight, which eventually helps us to lose the belly fats.


4.    Exercise

Being inactive can cause the body to store more fats, especially in the abdominal part. When we engage ourselves in exercises that can target our core area, it will eventually help to get rid of the unwanted body fats that have accumulated around the belly.


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