Vinpocetine Capsules

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    - Extra Strength Vinpocetine Extract With 30mg Per Serving 
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    Our Vinpocetine Capsules are an all natural remedy that derives the best nutrients necessary to provide the ultimate health benefits. Our formulation is completely pure, potent and features no added fillers or preservatives. Every one of our products are always formulated in GMP compliant facilities and FDA approved locations, which go through strict third party testing and all of our products are made in the USA. Change the way you live and feel with our supplements. 

    What Are The Benefits of Our Organic Vinpocetine: 
    * Maintains Memory Health  
    * Supports Focus And Concentration 
    * Aids Learning And Better Mental Clarity 
    * Aids Stress Relief 
    * Helps Improve Your Mood  

    This Vinpocetine Supplement features a unique blend of ingredients backed on centuries of research to give you the complete solution. Thanks to Ahana Nutrition, it’s never been easier to support your overall health & wellness. 

    Why Ahana Vinpocetine Root: 
    - Made in the USA with quality ingredients 
    - Only organic and natural items are used in the creation of this product, including Vinpocetine powder 
    - Capsules that are easy to swallow and odorless 
    - Pure extract with a maximum strength formula 
    - Completely all natural complex with no sugars, salts, starches, gluten, soy or milk 

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